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About 21 Century Programming

About Us

21st Century Programming (21CP) is unique amongst software vendors selling systems for the Recycling and Waste industries.

No other company has the background and experience that 21CP brings to the table and no other company has led the way with new innovations for the recycling industry.

Having grown up in the industry, David Kane, president and owner of 21CP, has done about every job in a recycling industry, including running the scales, sorting material, loading containers and accounting for the material.

Utilizing that experience, a college degree, and a natural aptitude for computers, David created the first and only system designed from the ground up specifically for handling the nuances and complexity of the Recycling Industry.

We started in 1999, are proud of the fact that many of our first customers and first employees are still with us today. This longevity and history provides our customers with a superior experience.


Back in 1999, David saw a need to provide innovative and advanced technology to the recycling industry. Having seen how systems were text based green screens and everything was done by hand, he created 21st Century Programming (21CP) flagship software the Recycling Operations Manager (ROM). Along the way, 21CP was the first company to incorporate technologies that are now commonplace such as Touch Screens, Barcodes, integrated camera systems, Email, ID Scanners, electronic reporting systems for police regulations, and much more. Unlike the competition, we innovate and create. We do not buy other people’s ideas and call it our own.

Now 20+ years later, ROM still leads the way as the most flexible, feature rich application on the market. When you compare what 21CP offers to the competition, there is no comparison – Click here for a comprehensive feature list.

Continuing this tradition of innovation and revolutionizing the industry, 21CP recently released our latest system, ROM Infinite – A cutting edge, next generation dispatching and bin management system that integrates GPS, Web, and mobile apps for a truly 21st century application ecosystem.

In addition to a superior data and operations management system, 21CP customers receive a superior customer experience. With a unique combination of recycling professionals who have worked in the business and software/networking engineers, our staff has analyzed and optimized 100s of recycling businesses and understand the ins and outs of what you are trying to achieve. We speak your language with the ability to bridge the gaps between recycling, accounting, and software. We will spend the time learning about you because no one solution works for everyone. There are no problems we cannot solve with our unparalleled ability to configure and modify the system to meet your needs.

If you have an issue, you will get transparent updates detailing the action we are taking to ensure your system is bug free and running at an optimum level. Every step of the way, we will do our best to save you money while providing a superior experience and top-notch scrap metal shredding software.

What's important to you?

Being Cost Effective
Being Effective

ROM offers Real-Time Data and Historical Data available on demand

ROM Reports are in REAL TIME. By running a report, you can find exactly where you are today or get a snapshot of where you were five years ago.