Your People Will Love It

Scrap Metal Recycling Yard Management Software

Your People will Love It

Often people say to us “But my people are too dumb to use a computer.” For 20+ years we have been proving them wrong. ROM’s interface has a specific design that is extremely easy to use, and because it is logical and works the way a recycling company works, users don’t have to change how they think about their business. But rest assured, we have many first-time computer users who embrace how naturally it fits into your operation.

ROM’s Mobile Phone App

Yard Personnel Love It

ROM’s Mobile Phone App gives users unparalleled power to disconnect from the computer system. When receiving, grade material, add pictures and designate contamination for both public and large industrial loads. Need to do a physical inventory, send everyone out with their phones and scan every finished goods tag you can find. When making shipments, scan tags out of inventory and create packing lists. Add as many materials and/or container pictures with captions as needed. All of it integrates directly into ROM for one seamless ecosystem of data, becoming your go-to scrap metal recycling yard management software solution. 

ROM’s Mobile Phone App

Scale Users Love It

With ROM’s scaling system, you will find there is no transaction it cannot handle – Need to split material by percent? Easy. Need to manage loads requiring sortation? Easy. Have one truck get the heavy weight and the yard dog get the lite weight? Easy. Automatically calculate gross or tare weights by packaging type, by customer? Easy. Receive material straight into finished product inventory? Easy. See many scales at once with live camera feed? Easy.
Office Users Love ROM’s scaling system

Office Users Love It

By distributing the work across all the users in the facility, each Office User will find themselves with less to do. No more entering scale weights twice. Want to send a transaction to someone, just email it directly out of the system. With Document Attachments, users can attach any document to any transaction or customer and quickly call it back up directly through the interface.


Our Software affects the performance of more employees than any other piece of equipment you can buy. Whether it is the yard employee that enters weight and commodity information, back-office people who process payments or the sales people that work with the customers, all of them interact with the systemin one way or another. It is a truly distributed system, spreading the work to where it is most logically going to be done. It is efficient software that creates bottom-line profits by allowing fewer people to do more work.