On Going Support / Help Desk

On-Going Support Help Desk

We understand the importance of our software to your operation. It is used by most of your people on a daily basis and without it, you are not able to run your business effectively. As mission critical software, not having it available can dramatically impact your operation and your profitability. When you have a problem, you want it solved as quickly as possible.

We have a strong help desk department. Our average employee has over 7 years experience with the company and / or in the recycling industry. With such a wealth of experience, there is no problem our technicians can’t solve.

When you report a problem, it goes directly into our ticketing system where it is tracked every step of the way and everyone on our team can see what is going on.

Just like our customers use ROM to effectively run their businesses, we use a ticketing system that was created by a leading provider of support management software, to run our enterprise and track your activity. This ensures that all issues are dealt with and we have a detailed history of everything that was done.


If you don’t feel like your issues are being resolved to your satisfaction, you can reach out to anyone on our team from management to sales to owner at any time. Our doors are always open and if we can’t talk at that moment, we will always call you back. We need to hear from our customers so we can always improveand do better.