Managers Love It


For your business to succeed, Management needs fast, accurate information. They need to be able to see the operation from many different angles in many different ways. In addition, management must rely upon the system to be there when they cannot be, making sure employees follow the rules and do not have an opportunity to steal. Here are just a few of the many ways Management loves what ROM does for them –

Unparalleled Reporting System

With over 500 reports in the system, if there is a way that management needs to see data, we have it. Want to see reports all in pounds? Everything in gross or metric tons? Mixed units of measure? Multiple currencies? Combine multiple sites? Want your reports waiting for you when you get into the office? Just use the report automation system and every morning the system will email you all the reports you requested. And coming in 2023 integration with a state-of-the-art business intelligence software.

Reduce / Eliminate / Catch Employee Theft

Management can review pictures of every transaction, every weight, every material purchase, and shipment. The system keeps track of scaled weights vs manual weights. Detailed audit systems can track every change made to every transaction. Often, as soon as the system is implemented, theft goes away. Track every email sent out of the system, what was sent, and to whom it was sent.

Unparalleled Security

Control access to every screen and every report. Hundreds of configurable settings control how much a user can process, pay, or write off.
  • Require manager overrides for paying over a specific price for a commodity or paying out over a specific limit per cashier.
  • Control Transaction requirements, ensuring that local metal theft compliance rules are always enforced
  • Control which users can see which customer’s data
  • Vital information is encrypted and secured. Passwords can’t be hacked simply by looking at configuration files or an insecure database. Vital information like driver’s license pictures aren’t stored as files that anyone can access.

True Gross Margin

For every invoice, for every item, ROM will provide a detailed analysis of the margin and profitability. ROM combines expenses against transactions, claims made against shipments, over and under payments with an industry specific inventory average price calculation to provide the most comprehensive look at profitability available. And for brokerage transactions, it is even more detailed, linking the exact purchase with the exact sale.

Ensure You Get What You Are Owed

Set up freight charges, bin rental fees, processing charges, contamination charges, or anything else you may charge your customer for, and ROM will ensure that those charges show up correctly. Even if you charge for each scale ticket on a monthly basis, no charge will ever get missed.

Get Your Money Back

Do you give your customers advances? ROM keeps track of each advance and reminds users on every transaction to take money back. Have a claim? Enter it once and the system reminds you to apply it on the next transaction.


Just because you already have a computer system, that doesn’t mean it actually helps you. Does the program automate receiving, grading, inventory, shipping, claims, billing, expenses, and a whole lot more, allowing fewer employees to do more in less time? Don’t let them tell you it does everything ROM does. Make them prove it and you will see that they can’t.