Your Customers Will Love It

Enhance your Operation with the Best ROM System

Enhance Customer Experience with ROM

Without your customers, you have no business. As your primary software system, ROM will interface with your customers on many levels, providing them a superior experience with your business. Some of the ways your customers will love what ROM does for them –
Report Automation

Report Automation

Every month, your customers want reports detailing their activity – Automate it! They want every Scale Ticket sent to them – Automate it! Every order, every dispatch, every settlement, every invoice, every bill of lading, it does not matter what – Automate it! Automate the sending of any report with any data filters you want.
Get Intent Information with ROM’s Nickname System

Information The Way Customers Want It

Customers want information and data presented in a way that they can understand it. They do not care if it is “Berry” or “#1 Unprepared”, to them it is “Copper” or “Production Line 1”. With ROM’s Nickname system, each customer can have a unique name for each item and all your users must do is call it what they normally call it.
Quicker Transactions with ROM

Quicker Transactions

Whether it be the time your customer spends in the facility or the time it takes to process settlements (live or monthly), everything is faster with ROM. Process transactions one by one or by the thousands with the auto ticket generator.
Easy Customer Portal

Customer Portal

From an easy-to-use web interface, your customers can view and reprint all their orders, scale tickets, and purchase tickets. They can check on the payment status of any transaction, their order position, see pictures of their material and download data into Excel for further analysis.


For many, what they do is just a job. For us, it is a joy. We get to travel all over, meet new people and see all of the different ways recycling happens. Everyone from our newest technicians to our 20 year veterans love to go on site and help our customers. Yes, it can be stressful, but it is also a lot of fun to see what our system does for our customers and solves their problems.