Installation And Training Process

Installation and Training Process

At 21st Century Programming (21CP) we believe that for you to have the best user experience and get the most from our software that it should be customized to your specific business. As part of our commitment to give our customers the best experience possible, we’ve designed an intuitive ‘New Customer Kit’ so that each company we support has their own fully customized and unique database.

We have an ‘Installation and Training Manager’ who works with you and oversees your implementation from start to finish. The installation and Training Manager will work with you to get your database built, coordinate any necessary modifications or adjustments that need to be made, and schedule our ‘Networking Team’ to work with your onsite team to get needed hardware ordered and configured. With their guidance, what could be a very daunting process isn’t; nothing will prevent you from successfully using the ROM system.

Once the on-boarding process begins, our Installation Manager will reach out to you and send you the New Customer Kit (aka NCK), which is a series of worksheets, each with specific instructions and examples. Each worksheet is comprised of the data needed to customize your database.

If you are currently using a different software we may be able to export a lot of your start up data directly out.

We allow for you to send us in bulk, your customers, suppliers, and vendors. In addition, you are given the opportunity to provide us information such as your payment terms, shipping ports, contamination / deduction types, packaging / tare types, chart of accounts (to map your transactions to your accounting software), and your warehouse locations for where you specifically store material.

This customization includes providing us with your commodity list so that your staff doesn’t have to learn a set of predetermined number codes in place of what they currently use. In short, the NCK allows for you to move out of your current way of doing transactions and record keeping and into our software without having to re-learn your business model; our goal is to make your life easier and your business more efficient, productive, and profitable.

We offer and encourage 3 stages of training:

ROM University

While your database is being built, we will send you information on how to enroll online in ROM University. With over 100 classes, ROM University consists of videos, power point presentations, and quizzes that are designed to give every new user a basic overview of the system. All of the scaling aspects of ROM University are in English and in Spanish. Once we move forward with training that is tailored to your business model, users will already have a solid foundation of how ROM works and the screens will be more familiar to them. The benefit of this online training is that it is free, users can take courses at anytime and they can access them from any computer that has internet access.

Remote Training

Once users have completed the courses related to their job functions, we will schedule remote training with the staff that will be supporting you through your onsite training / live implementation. We will use a copy of your custom database on our local test servers or (and more preferably) your actual database on your server to simulate actual transactions and functionality in ROM. This will enable users to get a taste of how ROM works with your actual data.

Onsite Training

Once we complete the Remote Training sessions, our team will be scheduled to arrive at your facility for Onsite Training. Typically, our team will travel to your location on a Saturday, so that classroom training can be held on Sunday, prior to the Monday “Go Live.” This allows our staff to work with your staff to simulate real transactions that they typically face during their workday; this includes creating scale tickets, entering orders, issuing payments and entering deposits.

Finally, when it is time to “Go Live” with the system, we will provide an on-site training staff to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Our team remains onsite throughout the week to provide your staff with guidance and expertise on how best to utilize ROM for their specific job functions and daily tasks.

Our staff will discuss any processes specific to your business, nuances specific to your customers and scenarios that occur on a regular or irregular basis. We are there to make your staff feel confident and comfortable using our software. In addition, our team will assist users with learning to use the search grids and reports available to them in ROM as well as learn simple troubleshooting techniques.

Once our training team leaves, you and your staff are not alone. Our full-time staff are ready to support you and your team Monday – Friday from 7:30am (Eastern) until 7:30pm (Eastern). We provide phone support and have the ability to remote into your users workstations to see exactly what they are doing and how best to assist them with their issue. If you have an emergency on the weekends, we do have emergency support available.

We look forward to working with you and your staff to make ROM work for you!


Training is one of the most critical parts of a successful software installation. With a system as large, diverse and flexible as ROM, you will be given the keys to a powerful sports car. Training is more than us just telling you what to do. It is a collaboration, a process and time of discovery where the better we understand what you do, the better we can tune the system for you. Don’t get stuck in first gear
by going cheap on training.