Custom Programming

Custom Programming System

Although we would like to think that our system does everything, we have found that the flexibility to change, modify and enhance the product to meet specific customers’ needs to be invaluable. Through years of modifying and changing the system, we have the utilities in place to make change an easy and quick process.

Like the Help Desk team, the programming team is lead by team members that have been with 21st Century Programming (21CP) for more than 15 years. This experience is unmatched by our competition and makes for an unparalleled experience. When you talk with one of our programmers about your business and the changes you would like to see, they get it.

This makes the analysis process quicker and the outcome of the work more focused on what you need.In addition, our industry knowledge and understanding will help guide you through the change requests, spotting issues that may arise from the change or pointing out areas that can improve upon what you are wanting to build.

In addition to modifications specific to our customers, we are also constantly improving the system. Each year, hundreds of modifications are made, new reports and new features are added.


Over the years, 21st Century Programming as been a pioneer, bringing the latest technologies to use in the Recycling industry. From camera systems and ID scanners to email and mobile apps, we have found and utilize technology for the purpose of making your business more efficient. As we release different parts of our ROM Infinite platform, you will see technology that will once again change the way you run your business.