Follow-Up Training

Follow Up Training for ROM Software 

We understand that our software has many great features. We realize it’s impossible for you and your staff to learn everything ROM has to offer during your initial implementation. Often, users focus solely on what they need to do in their day-to-day job and lose sight of the bigger picture of what the software can do.

Once you and your staff are comfortable with ROM, you may start exploring various menu options and wonder how they can benefit your team and your business. Or perhaps you have added new staff that you would like to be trained by our staff. No problem! We are happy to provide new user training and / or training that is focused on specific topics.

If you provide the topic or can describe your specific process, we will provide a staff person who has the expertise needed to work with you.

Specialized training can be scheduled at your convenience and conducted remotely to help keep costs minimal.

Once we receive your training request and have a good understanding of what needs to be covered, we will restore a copy of your current database to our local test server. Then, during training, our staff will utilize this copy to work through the topics being discussed and teach your staff how to handle these specific transactions without impacting your live data.

This simulation will instill confidence in your staff and give them the knowledge they need to perform these tasks live.

Looking for new ways to be more efficient? Want to expand your business? Looking to improve your ROM skills? The recycling industry is constantly changing causing many of our customers to find their businesses changing, too. Don’t worry, we have you covered! We have modules specifically designed to handle processing material, brokerage transactions, export sales, dispatch and more.

Or perhaps you have experienced staff turnover and just need assistance bringing your new staff up to speed on ROM so they can be as efficient as your existing staff. Maybe you want an objective outside perspective on your business processes and how ROM can help your team become even more efficient and profitable. Whatever the case, know that our staff is available to perform onsite consultations that involve observation, Q&A with existing staff and then a detailed report on how to implement changes to existing processes that can benefit your team and make you more efficient users of ROM.

Often, customers are not aware of all the modules ROM has to offer or all the ways ROM can handle specific transactions. Onsite consultations can be the key to unlocking new ideas and making the what ifs become the new norm, the new possibilities through dynamic, hands-on collaboration. We believe our knowledge can help you create best practices that will enable you to continue growing your business, your staff’s knowledge, and your company’s profitability.

No matter your need, our team here at 21st Century Programming is here to help you by providing the best training and support in the industry!


Having installed our system at over 400 locations across North America, we have tuned our installation and training processes down to a science. We have seen what it takes to make installing a new software package go smoothly, and we have seen the common traps that people fall into. Our team utilizes that experience tempered with patience and understanding to make every install a success. You can trust our experience.