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Recycling Industry Accounting System

Accounting Solutions for the Recycling Industry

The recycling industry presents some unique challenges for accounting. Most accounting programs have difficulty with many concepts that are quite common to Recyclers. Some examples include – Transactions where the weight is in pounds, but the price is in GT or MT, buying in a down market where the cost of material is less than the freight charges, integration of freight expenses into the cost of material, or the “Reverse Retail” aspects of the business where people bring you goods and you give them money.
Complex Transactions Made Easy with ROM System

Complex Transactions Made Easy

Negative Purchase Tickets or Invoices? Not a problem – Easily flip them into AR or AP while handling inventory weight and cost correctly. Don’t want to do that? Then simply apply the negative purchase/invoice to a positive when issuing payments or receiving cash. Using Customer Weights? Not a problem – Easily adjust invoices to match mill weights or modify settlements to match the supplier’s bill of lading, and ROM will handle all the inventory, costing and accounting correctly.

Best ROM for your Accounting

A Complete Sub Ledger

When you use ROM for your accounting, you are not putting a square peg in a round hole. You are using a system specifically designed for all the complexities and nuances of the recycling industry. Let ROM do all the heavy lifting and on a regular basis transfer the data from ROM to your recycling industry accounting system package of choice.

Advanced Accounting System by 21CP

Not An Accounting Package

but – We understood long ago that we could not make a better accounting system than QuickBooks and QuickBooks could not make a better recycling program then we can. Yet somehow many of the systems within ROM are far easier to use than typical accounting packages. ROM includes a complete AR and AP suite with every report you need from aging to detail with “As Of” capability and then some. It is not a generic system, it is specifically developed for Recycling and as such, everything recycling related is easier.
ROM The Best Business Intelligence Software

And If That Isn’t Enough

Although we try to provide everything seamlessly in one package, you may still want further analysis. As such, ROM provides many ways to get data out of the system. Every search grid and report can be exported directly to Excel. In addition, ROM uses Microsoft SQL Server for its database engine and almost every tool ever made can access the data (but only if ownership approves of the user and the tool). Coming in 2023 integration with a state-of-the-art business intelligence software.

recycling industry ACCOUNTING system EXPERTISE

Accounting has a language all its own – Debits, Credits, GL, Accruals, etc. it’s a specialized way of looking at the world with its own rules and logic to follow. Bridging the recycling world and the accounting world is a difficult task that 21st Century Programming makes easy. We have an accountant on staff who works directly with your accounting team, teaching them how ROM works and the ways it will integrate into your existing accounting package. Should a problem ever occur,we are there to help with reconciliations and explanations for any discrepancies you find.