Inventory Managers Will Love It

Inventory Managers will Love It

Inventory control in a recycling industry is an active sport. There are so many moving parts and different things that can happen that keeping track of it all can be an overwhelming task. With years of refinement, ROM offers a unique and powerful inventory management system that accurately values your inventory under just about any circumstance you can throw at it.

Production Control

Whether you are running a car shredder, wire chopper or other piece of machinery, ROM provides a powerful system for entering production data and properly calculating costs for the items produced. Handling concepts like shrinkage, revaluing fluff, landfill fees, adding cost for the machinery or specific pricing for nonferrous out of the shredder, ROM will accurately calculate the true value of the material produced.

Material Adjustments

Inventory adjustments come with the territory. No matter how accurate you think you may be, we understand that adjustments will happen. Whether you are upgrading. downgrading, or processing shrinkage, ROM will track it and accurately factor it into your cost.

Physical Inventories

Doing physical inventories has never been easier. After scanning all the tags you can find with the mobile phone app, the system will report on what you found, and more importantly what you did not find. A quick look at the information and you will find items that were shipped or processed, but still in inventory.


Long gone are the days of watching brokered loads entered into inventory and then taken directly out. When looking at order positions, you can easily include or exclude brokerage with physical inventory.

Inventory Costing

ROM’s proprietary “Re-costing” system is unique to the recycling industry and the only method for calculating inventory that works for this business. Factoring from your beginning inventory value, ROM adds all inbound activity, both across the scale and through yard processing and generates a fully accurate average price that is then applied to everything outbound. In addition, industry specific concepts like automatic shrinkage deductions for ferrous materials, inbound freight expenses and whether material is bought at the mixed level or as sorted, are added into the calculations. Most of all, it understands that we are all human and gracefully handle the many changes that come at month end while still allowing your business to process new transactions going forward.


In 1999, we pioneered the use of barcodes for tracking recycling inventory. With a simple glance you know that you have 30,000 pounds of material of a certain grade, but only 15,000 pounds of it is processed. Using our mobile app, your finished goods inventory is as good as gold. And if you ever question it, a quick physical inventory using the mobile app will clear everything up in no time. No other systemout there handles your finished goods like ROM.