Bin Tracking Devices

Bin Tracking Devices

Waste bin tracking devices can also be used to improve recycling rates by providing data on what materials are being collected and how much is being recycled. This information can be used to target specific materials for increased recycling efforts, or to identify areas where recycling rates are low and more education or outreach is needed.

In addition to these benefits, some bin tracking devices can also be integrated with other smart city technology, such as sensors that detect when a bin is full and alert the waste management company to pick it up.

This can improve the overall waste management process and increase the efficiency of the collection process.

Waste Bin Tracking Devices

We’ve channeled 20 years of software experience into creating ROM Infinite – The first truly next-generation product and platform for the recycling industry.

hybrid cloud dispatching and bin tracking system that works on any device, in any environment, and is backed by our unrivaled customer support.

With instantaneous communications between drivers and dispatchers and regular updates from the bin trackers, you will know where everything and everyone is in real-time. The future is here, now!

Recycling Facility Tracking Software

Never Lose Another Bin!

  • Easily fits between bin rails or sides of trailers.
  • Paint any color to match bin color.
  • Reports home 4 times a day.
  • Removable / Replaceable Batteries with multiyear life.
  • Scrap metal tracking software that works. 
ROM Infinite Mobile Apps


Next generation ecosystem of applications for the recycling and waste industries.


Any GPS system can know where your driver is, but a smart system like ROM Infinite actually does something with that information. Circle locations on the map and tag what they are. If it’s your competitor, the system will alert the dispatcher. If it’s the gas station, no problem. The recycling facility tracking software system will plot on the map the driver’s exact whereabouts giving you the ability to scroll through the day and see at almost any point in time where the driver was.