We used all the training formats 21st Century Programming has to offer, and it’s a great combination and a great program. Installing new software is a big transition and it’s difficult any way you cut it, but the training they made available made it that much easier.”

- DAN BITTON - Executive VP, House of Metals, Toronto


“ROM ties things together nicely. There are so many times when what used to be two transactions now is just one, and that has helped out a lot. Plus, the pictures it takes at the scales have also been valuable--our police department just loves it.”

- JEFF SELF - Self Recycling, Georgia


“The ROM system has aided the workforce tremendously, and it appears the suggestions and added training might result in at least a 25 percent reduction in the amount of time and effort needed for the inbound receipt and outbound shipment functions. The added comfort level felt by all in using ROM has been a real plus for our organization.”

- DAVID L. HAWLEY - General Manager, Recycled Plastic Technology Inc., Ohio


“I want to thank you for your assistance at our facility. I believe the concept of walking through a complete inbound receipt and a complete outbound shipment aided the workforce tremendously, and it appears the suggestions and added training might result in at least a 25% reduction in the amount of time and effort needed for these functions. It was also beneficial for the sales and purchasing associates, not to mention myself, to be able to ask the many questions that arose since our initial training. The added comfort level by all in using ROM has been a real plus for our organization.”

- DAVID L. HAWLEY - Recycling Coordinators


“I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that you have a great team working for 21st Century. The installation started with Rob... Rob was one of the most important parts of the install and had it not been for him, this install would not have been as smooth as it was. Catherine was very informative in her training sessions and made it easy for the guys to understand it once the system got to us. The training and install team that was sent to us was great.


We could not have asked for a better group of individuals to help us. They knew the software and were able to make our install go smooth. Please let everyone know including George what a great job everyone did.”

- SCOTT THOMPSON  - TT&E Iron & Metal, North Carolina


“I have been trying to sit down for days and let you know how wonderful all of us at Renovated Metals think your company and your staff are!!  I certainly don’t want to leave anybody out, but Catherine and Stevan we have had the most contact with.  From the very beginning, in dealing with Philip Rafle, 21st Century has been an awesome company to work with.  Once Catherine stepped in, the process got even smoother.  Catherine is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, persistent (in a good way!!), and great with follow up and follow through.  She was my saving grace in this whole process.  And let me tell you, for someone not knowing anything about this process and not truly understanding first time around how all this was going to roll out, it has been incredibly foreign and overwhelming for me!!  I know we had many out of the ordinary challenges with our sight, but I would have jumped ship without the constant assistance from Catherine.  You were so kind to offer flexibility with us when we were down to the wire, and more than accommodating allowing Vinh to come out here, really appreciate all of that!!  You don’t get that kind of attention and service from many companies anymore.  Then we were graced with Stevan and Aaron-also lifesavers!!  I have never met a man as patient and kind as Stevan-he is a saint.  He walked into a mad house and managed to keep his cool and sense of humor the entire time he was here - much more than I can say for any of us here at Renovated!  From the moment Stevan and Aaron left, we have been on the phone with your support staff with many many questions, thank you to all of you for your continued support and patience during this challenging transition!!  You have a wonderful team and a great company; I have personally enjoyed doing business with each and every person that I have been in contact with.  Thank you for everything and thank you in advance for your continued support.”

- DEBBIE WING - Renovated Metals, Arizona


“I just want to take the time to write this letter to tell you how pleased I am with the computer system that you designed and sold to SOS. I must admit that when I first heard about it I thought it was a big expense, and I really did not think it will do everything that was promised. Well, I can say that the "big expense" was well worth it. It has provided us with a wealth of information to help manage the company. Personally, it has also provided me with a lot of valuable information on the inventory we have on hand. With this information, I was able to take advantage of selling our inventory at the optimum pricing as the market has been going up...I have seen the results of the system you set up and I must tell you - it is great!"



“The ROM system has really helped us to integrate our whole operations process, from incoming to outbound. It has really paid off for us.”

- JOHN BIANCULLI - Ocala Recycling, Florida