ROM Recycler


ROM Recycler is designed as an mid-level software system for the handling of public sellers.  Features available with ROM Recycler include advanced metal theft compliance, online reporting, scale integration, and advanced weigh and pay functions for COD and check-paying transactions occurring at a small to medium-sized recycling yards. Up to 10 users may be added to ROM Recycler.


ROM Recycler Snapshot:

  • Scale Integration with Touch Screen Interface
  • Pricelist
  • Basic Perpetual Inventory System
  • Metal Theft Compliance*
  • Daily Reporting
  • Basic Accounting
  • Cash Drawer Management
  • ATM Payments System*
    • ATM takes a picture of everyone paid. These photos have been used on many occasions to Arrest People
  • Multiple Units of Measure
    • All transactions can be in any or multiple units of measure, and the System will automatically calculate conversion
  • Online Reporting Customization
    • Integration with NMVTIS, Leads Online, Texas DPS, New Mexico, and the Rocky Mountain Information Network
    • ROM Recycler’s screens and reports can be modified to better fit your business.  (All modifications must be approved by 21CP Management and are billable.)

    Requires hardware available through 21st Century Programming. All hardware provided by 21st Century Programming is at an additional cost to the ROM software and includes installation and configuration. 

Is certified by NTEP