ROM Express


ROM Express is 21st Century’s most basic product offering for recyclers and handles COD transactions only. ROM Express offers almost everything a small recycler needs to comply with local, state and federal laws in a single module.  While laws may vary from state to state, ROM Express is designed to meet recyclers’ basic compliancy needs, with a fingerprint and driver’s license scanner, a touch screen monitor and software to handle CRV and public sellers.


 ROM Express prominently features 21st Century’s efficient touch screen interface and metal theft compliance module and gives recyclers the ability to print detailed reports for local authorities using filters to access an entire day, month or year’s purchase history.

ROM Express Snapshot:

  • Scale Integration with Touch Screen Interface for purchasing ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, glass or any other combination of materials on a single purchasePricelist
    • Allows for tenth of a pound increments.
    • Manual weight entry
    • Optional link to scale
    • Self-configurable unlimited inventory item list
    • Quick Touch Inventory Selection (Hot buttons) for all commodities for fast scaling
    • Supports “Reverse Weighing” for speed of weighing clients.
  • Metal Theft Compliance*CRV Processing (California Only)
    • Driver’s License Scanning
    • Fingerprint Capture
    • Digital Signature
    • Daily Reporting (Basic) 

 Requires hardware available through 21st Century Programming. All hardware provided by 21st Century Programming is at an additional cost to the ROM software and includes installation and configuration.

Not certified by NTEP