ROM Enterprise


Our most comprehensive software offering, ROM Enterprise is designed to work with the smallest to the largest facilities and enables recyclers to manage multiple facilities with just one database.


The Internet links all your facilities together and allows you to manage each one remotely from anywhere in the world. Access each individual yard’s current inventory, orders, and production reports, purchases and sales activity.  ROM Enterprise eliminates double entry and the lag time between data input and management’s ability to see what is going on.

All of the satellite facilities are tied to the main facility through VPN connections.  The terminal server at the main facility runs the program and distributes it to each of the satellites.  If a facility goes down, it does not affect the other facilities’ transactions.  Once the downed facility is brought back up, then the system will “catch-up” and distribute information to the downed facility that occurred during the down time.

The Benefits of ROM Enterprise:

  • Rapid data pull for all facilities

  • Data and Program are viewable from anywhere in the world.

  • The Program is installed only at one place.

  • All program maintenance is centralized.

  • Changes only have to be made to main server.

  • Less overall hardware is needed, reducing support and maintenance costs.

  • Workstations can be smaller machines because the program runs on the Main Server.

  • Fewer points of failure.

  • Program options such as purchase order sharing between facilities becomes a reality.

  • Central office management of payables, receivables and check writing.

  • Run reports for each individual site, or for the entire enterprise.

Works with accounting programs: Dynamics, PeachTree & QuickBooks