21st Century Programming offers a multi-tiered approach to training of the #1 Recycling Operations Manager software system that includes both instructor-lead Web-based training and non-instructor-lead online courses plus practical exams (homework assigned to students using their test ROM database) and onsite training. No other software solution provider in the industry offers such an in-depth training program - because no other software provider in the industry offers near the in-depth inventory control and management that ROM offers.


Your ROM training includes:

  • ROM University NOW LIVE!
  • Instructor-lead Web-based training for those who are already computer savvy
  • Classroom training in our classroom in Long Beach, CA
  • Onsite training at the customer’s facility
  • Any combination of these options


At our Long Beach, California headquarters 21st Century Programming operates a state-of-the-art training facility with all of the equipment necessary to simulate the software at a customer’s location (including scales, bar code scanners, touch screens, printers, ATM, etc.). Here, recycling company employees can receive intensive training in an environment that eliminates the distractions and interruptions that can occur at their own facilities.

In addition, new ROM customers get on-site training at their facilities during the initiation and implementation phase. This ensures employees quickly become comfortable with how to use the software - at their own workstations, using their own data, and in their own environment.