Feeling burdened by ever increasing metal theft regulations? Let us help make life easy for you with the Recycling Operations Manager Metal Theft Compliance, Electronic Uploads and Camera modules. Everything you need to comply with local, state and federal laws. 

With the Metal Theft ComplianceElectronic Uploads and Camera modules:

Scan and store customer IDs

When an identification card/driver's license is scanned, OCR Software transfers the information into the ROM database in seconds.  The image of the Driver’s License is stored with the customer’s record and can be printed or faxed directly from the system.

Scan and store customer fingerprints and digital signatures

The ultimate in identification, scan and store fingerprints with each transaction, along with a capture of a signature.  The system stores both an image of the signature and Biometric Information such as the speed of the pen stroke and the order strokes were made in, satisfying even the most stringent police department requirement.

Electronically report daily transactions to local law enforcement with the touch of a button

The Electronic Uploads module allows recyclers to send batch reporting data to reporting agencies and law enforcement with the touch of a single button. Upload to LeadsOnline, NMVTIS, Texas DPS, New Mexico Reporting, Ohio DPS, or any other agency you need. The fee collected for each agency covers the cost of updating and remapping the path to the data field entries any time one of these agencies makes changes to their data collection site, so you don’t have to spend hours painstakingly uploading daily transactions one-by-one.

Add the ROM Camera module and save even more time and be more compliant

Many new laws now require you to photograph both the materials you’re purchasing and the person selling them and store them with the purchase transaction. It’s easy to do when you add ROM’s camera module which electronically captures, stores and organizes pictures of material and sellers by automatically associating the photo file with the transaction number. The photos never degrade, and you’ll never lose them in your filing system ever again.

“The last couple times I was asked to produce proof of material purchases,I was able to run exactly the report the detectives wanted in less than 5 minutes – and they were out of my yard. The cops don’t come to my yard anymore because I have ROM. They go on down the street and bother the other guys who don’t." - David Falcon, Unlimited Metals, Los Angeles, CA

Click here to watch a :30 second video of ROM running a typical police search.