ROM Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Starting May 14, 2012, clients who refer a friend or colleague (“Referral Customer”) to 21st Century Programming will be eligible to receive special Benefits (called “ROM Bucks”) good towards Help Desk services when the Referral Customer becomes a new client of 21st Century Programming.

Two Ways To Earn:

1. Simply refer a fiend or colleague to us by filling out a Referral Submission form online, and get $250 ROM Bucks good towards $250 worth of Help Desk services performed by 21st Century Programming.[1]

- OR -

2. Conduct a site visit with a Referral Customer, and submit the online form, and get $500 ROM Bucks good towards $500 worth of Help Desk services performed by 21st Century Programming.[2]

To begin referring customers to 21st Century Programming you must register as a ROM “Advocate” in the ROM Referral Program. Visit

There will be no limit on the number of Referral Customers an Advocate may refer for Benefits. Each new company will be considered a Referral Customer and will be worth $250 when the referral becomes a client of 21st Century Programming. Additional employees from the same Referral Customer company will not earn the Advocate additional benefits. (i.e. You may refer John Smith of XYZ Metals AND Jane Doe, also of XYZ Metals, but the max benefit you will receive is one (1) $250 credit towards Help Desk services performed by 21st Century Programming)

Advocates and Referral Customers must abide by all applicable laws, including with respect to sending unsolicited email (e.g. CAN SPAM ACT).

Only one Advocate will receive any Benefits for each referral customer. If multiple Advocates claim the same Referral Customer, priority consideration for the award of benefits will be given to the Advocate who submits the Referral Customer on a first-come-first-serve basis. 21st Century Programming will have sole discretion to identify the Advocate entitled to the Benefit under the Program.

Only referrals made after you register as an Advocate are eligible for any referral Benefits.

[1],[2] ROM Bucks will be redeemable only after 30 days have passed since the first day the Referral Customer officially becomes a client of 21st Century Programming. 21st Century Programming defines “become[ing] a client” as any recycling entity (trader, buyer, or seller) who signs a license agreement for the Recycling Operations Management software and makes a payment in full thereby initiating the installation period.