Now here's a recycling program you can really bank on! I heard about this program alomost five years ago when it was still just a pilot program in a couple of burroughs in Philadelphia - it's called RecycleBank and it's so exciting that it's now available in our Long Beach Headquarters and making recycling all that much more rewarding.  

While most of us know that recycling centers are paying you top dollar for your scrap metal, there's still a lot of folks out there perplexed by what to do with their everday disposable items like milk cartons, to-go-containers, soup cans and other miscellaneous paper and plastics. ANd these items can be bulky, so even fewer people are likely to  RecycleBank makes recycling these items which are redeemable like coupons - at your favorite shopping and service centers. In fact, just last week I turned in 50 of my RecycleBank points for a $10 OFF coupon at Macy's Department Store.

Go to the "About Reyccling" link under the "Extras" tab on our website to learn more about the kinds of itemns you can recycle - some might surprise you. 


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