If you've been thinking about financing a software system - or if you've been putting off installation because of a cash flow problem - Alan Johnson has five sound financial reasons you should finance before the end of the year.



  1. Receive tax credits for 2012 that won't be available in 2013. Taking advantage of IRS section 179 you can deduct your entire software purchase for 2012 in the same calendar year. The IRS typically doesn't let businesses write off big-ticket expenses like this all in one year and usually makes you spread out your deductions over 3 or 4 years. So if you made a bunch of money this year and you're looking to lower your tax obligation, finance and install your software before December 31 and you can write-off a huge expense!
  2. Software is the #1 type of equipment most financed by lenders like Providence Capital.   Most banks will not finance software because they do not consider it a tangible type of collateral (like a baler, a shredder, tractor or other heavy piece of equipment).  Providence Capital will finance your entire purchase - the installation, hardware and training - all for less than 10% down!
  3. Get financed today by simply filling out a one-page application - Providence Capital won't ask you to share your company or personal finance records with them. 
  4. Start using your software NOW and pay for it LATER.  Providence Capital offers terms of up to 3 years.  With Providence Capital's help, a seemingly insurmountable $15,000 expense suddenly becomes a very manageable $500/month payment - all while you start reaping the rewards of a streamlined inventory management system today.
  5. Lease rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW, and they may not stick around until 2013. Don't miss out on an excellent low APR just because you want to "wait until later."
  6. BONUS REASON: Get up to a $1,000 discount off of your lease only good from October through November 15th. Click THIS LINK to be directed to the finance application page right away.

 Still need more explanation? We've done the math - check out THIS VIDEO using pure, simple, mathematics to show you how much you could save.

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