With the number of new entries into the marketplace every year, and with all claiming to be "#1",  you might feel a little confused about what recycling management software product is truly right for you. To help you cut through that confusion, we've outlined several very important questions you should ask when shopping for a software provider:

  • How easy is it to use the system?
  • How easy is it to create reports?
  • Can the system upload police reports with just one button?
  • Was the software designed specifically for recyclers? Or is it repurposed off-the-shelf technology from a 3rd party provider?
  • Can the system store information in multiple formats, such as JPG and PDF?
  • Can it export data in multiple formats, such as plain text, Excel, and XML?
  • Can the software handle multiple currencies, languages, units of measurement, legal entities, and sites without any loss of functionality?
  • Is the system flexible and easy to customize for your needs?
  • Is the product scalable? If you are looking to expand in the future, will the software be able to expand with you?
  • How does the company train users on the system? What are the initial or ongoing training costs?
  • What are the costs of support? Does the company have a good reputation for providing support and enhancements?
  • What is the average turn-around time on a support ticket? 
  • Does the company have a team of expert programmers, IT specialists, networkers and help desk staff to handle multiple issues at a single time? 
  • How well is the system documented? 
  • What is the mean time between database failures?
  • How is the system secured?
  • What networking protocols does it require to operate across multiple yards or companies?
  • Is it compatible with third-party software such as accounting systems, routing systems, and scale management systems?
  • Is it compatible with hardware such as various types of scanners, bar-code readers, cameras, and printers?
  • Does the company offer off-site backups?
  • Can the system track chain of custody?

(this list was lifted from a previously published article in Recycling Today magazine)

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