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Are you searching for an affordable business answering service that can free up your time from answering calls and help grow your business? Business Connections has what you’re looking for, with live, professional agents who are able to man your phone lines for about 10 cents per hour.
Business Connections understands that not all businesses are able to afford the services of a full time receptionist- and the ones who can afford it often miss out on important calls that go unanswered for a variety of reasons. Whether your call volume is greater than your receptionist can handle or you just haven’t yet built your business to the point where you can afford another employee on the payroll, BC has the perfect business answering service to meet your needs.
If you’re a business consultant you probably don’t have an office set up for a secretary to answer calls in. Chances are you’re probably too busy to answer many of your calls yourself. Consultants love the live answering services from BC because they solve the number one problems consultants face: hang-ups from callers reaching voicemail. 
With BC, unanswered calls will ring three times and then transfer to a friendly, live agent for Business Connections who is able to greet your caller, answer questions about your services or meet their needs in the same professional way that you would, had you answered your call. That way, if you’re talking with another client, working on a project or are just unable to answer your phone, you know it’s going to be handled promptly. Your agent can email you with a message or text you with routine messages or direct any urgent callers to you.
Business Connections helps plumbing contractors stay better connected with their customers as well. When you’re working and unable to answer your phone, you can rest easy knowing that the business answering service you hired is taking care of your callers in the exact way you want them to be treated. 
Live agents from BC are able to field your calls and provide you with the same benefits of having an office team at your disposal. They’ll connect you with your customers, help you grow your business and make sure you never miss an important call again. Without the added stress of answering calls while on the job, you’ll be free to finish your projects quicker while knowing that any emergencies will immediately be brought to your attention.
Businesses appreciate the rigorous background checks that BC employs before hiring employees that are soon to be your employees. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Business Connections hires the right people for the job.
If you can’t afford a receptionist, you can still treat your callers like the valuable customers they are. At a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee, Business Connections can meet your needs with a live, 24/7 business answering service that ensures you’ll never have to pay for a lunch hour, vacation time, coffee breaks, sick days or insurance.
Trust the leaders in live telephone answering. Call Business Connections at 866-601-6115 today to discover how they can solve your missed call problem.
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